Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International

Information system and stakeholder symposium to support the conservation of Olympic mudminnow

Julian Olden, University of Washington

This is a continuation of a 2017 CREOi award to support assessment of mudminnow populations in Washington State.

The objectives of 2018 are to 1) finalize a state-wide conservation assessment for Olympic mudminnow with detailed analysis of changes in population status, abundance, and natural and human-caused environmental conditions over time; 2) create and maintain an open-access data depository and information portal to facilitate ongoing data collection and support public awareness of Olympic mudminnow, and 3) design and host a half-day stakeholder symposium on the conservation challenges and management opportunities for Olympic mudminnow. This symposium will be patterned after the extremely successful 2012 symposium convened to discuss mudminnow status and conservation, which identified the need for the work this project has been pursuing. ($20,000)