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Assessing the status of Canada lynx in the Kettle River Mountain Range

C. Vynne, Osprey Insights

photo credit: WSU and Osprey Insights

This project is a continuation of a 2016-2017 CREOi award to assess presence and density of Canada lynx in the Kettle River Mountain Range, an important east-west bridge for meta-populations of lynx and other wide-ranging species that occupy both the Cascades and Rocky Mountains. Based on camera trap surveys of the entire study area in 2016 and 2017, researchers intend to target only grids with the highest likelihood of lynx presence with more camera effort, while continuing to collaborate with numerous partners to support lynx conservation regionwide. In addition, a “mobile gallery” will be developed as an outreach product to share camera trap photos and information about local wildlife with communities near the Kettles. ($20,000)