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Conserving amphibians in Icaco and Hormiga Valleys in Patillas, Puerto Rico

N. Greenhawk 
The area of Icaco Valley, Hormiga Valley and the mountain ridge separating them have never been systematically surveyed for amphibians, and have not been accessed by humans in nearly 60 years. Previous scouting confirmed the presence of Eleutherodactylus cooki (IUCN: Vulnerable; US Endangered Species List: Threatened), E. wightmanae (IUCN: Endangered), and E. richmondi (IUCN: Read more

Monitoring pregnancy impacts on Southern Resident Killer Whales

S. Wasser
Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) frequent the Salish Sea, and their population was heavily harvested by the aquarium industry during much of the 1960’s. The harvest significantly impacted the reproductive/age structure of the population along with the ability to reproductively recover from population declines following harsh years. The population then experienced an unexplained Read more