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Tracking sea star wasting disease using trained recreational divers

Joseph K. Gaydos, The SeaDoc Society
Figure 1. Preliminary impressions from these 100 surveys suggest that leather sea stars (shown here at Hick’s Bay Wall on 9/20/16) continue to be abundant after the sea star wasting disease outbreak.
For three years, SeaDoc has been working with REEF Environmental Education Foundation to use trained recreational SCUBA divers to Read more

The Skykomish Beaver Project: Building educational opportunities for aspiring ecologists

B.J. Dittbrenner, University of Washington/Beavers Northwest
This project was a continuation of a 2015 CREOi award investigating the impacts of reintroduced beavers on ecosystem resilience. Beavers are both ecosystem engineers and keystone species. As ecosystem engineers, they modify their environment through dam building to create wetland systems that reduce their predation risk and increase growth of preferred food types. Their role Read more

Bear Smart King County

Western Wildlife Outreach

Since mid-2015, Western Wildlife Outreach (WWO) has been working to create, launch, implement and coordinate a new program, Bear Smart King County, in order to reduce the number of conflicts between humans and black bears in the eastside communities of King County. These encounters can result in property damage and injury or Read more

Assessing the status of Canada lynx in the Kettle River Mountain Range

C. Vynne, Osprey Insights
Canada lynx, one of three wild cats native to Washington State, depend on large pristine tracts of boreal forest habitat with ample snowshoe hare and persistent deep snow. In Washington, lynx populations steeply declined due to trapping and habitat degradation and they were afforded Federal protection under the Endangered Species Act in Read more

Restoring an endemic species to native tidelands: Olympia oysters in Swinomish pocket estuaries

Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

This project is a continuation of a 2015 CREOi award.
Historically, Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) played an important ecological and cultural role as Washington’s only native oyster. In 2012, the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (SITC) and regional partners began a small-scale Olympia oyster restoration effort on the Reservation’s tidelands with the intention of Read more