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Olympic Mudminnow Information System: Supporting public awareness and conservation of Washington State’s only endemic species

Julian Olden, University of Washington

Cryptic and difficult to find, but once discovered the Olympic mudminnow is both colorful and full of charisma.

This project is a continuation of 2017 and 2018 projects focused on improving scientific understanding of the Olympic mudminnow, and building a community of practice to enhance their conservation. Previous accomplishments include a synthesis Read more

Recovery of a tidal salt marsh on the Kitsap Peninsula

Stillwaters Environmental Center
Since 2005, Stillwaters Environmental Center near Kingston, WA has been documenting ecological conditions in the 30+ acre Carpenter Creek estuary and salt marsh. With the recent replacement of a second undersized culvert with a bridge, natural tidal flow has been reestablished in the marsh. Our monitoring and research program addresses the complexities of Read more

Investigating the impacts of a native mammal predator on key native and invasive species in marine and estuarine ecosystems of Northwest Washington

Makah Tribe
The goal of this project was to document the diet of an aquatic mammal predator, the river otter (Lontra canadensis), in coastal estuaries of the Makah Reservation in Northwest Washington. We sought to understand the potential role of these predators in bio-mitigation of a recent infestation of the invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) Read more