Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International

Frequently Asked Questions


When are project reports due?

Progress reports are due on May 31 and November 30 of each year, regardless of the actual start date of your project. Final reports are due within 30 days of completing your project. Please see the reporting guidelines for detailed information on what to include in your reports.

Do I need to submit receipts with my report?

Please retain all receipts over the course of your project. Generally, you do not need to submit them with your reports. However, if we are required to submit receipts, then we reserve the right to request them and expect you to make them available.

What should I do if my project or budget changes?

You must notify CREOi of any changes in the scope or timing of your projects, and you must request any budget modifications in writing. Please refer to your signed grant agreement for additional details.

We are printing a poster for our project. Can we use your logo?

Yes, we encourage use of our logo on products developed with our grant support. Please contact us for an image file.