Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International

Inventory and conservation of the vertebrate fauna of Paraje Tres Cerros (Corrientes, Argentina): Implications for creating a protected area and its integration with local populations

R. Cajade

This project is a continuation of a previous CREOi award to assess natural resources in the Paraje Tres Cerros region. Our results will provide information on new biological attributes necessary to advance the justification and scientific resolve to create a conservation area at this site. We will generate a baseline of information for a conservation policy that, sooner or later, but unavoidably, will be applied to created a protected area and subsequent management plans.

This new project will also continue the outreach and extension activities through a new program entitled “Vertebrates of Paraje Tres Cerros”, promoting conservation of the local biota and natural resources. We will continue working with previously established regional partners at educational and cultural institutions.  ($5,430)