The UCSC-MHIRT Japan research program is a collaboration between the UC Merced laboratory of Dr. Rudy Ortiz and Kagawa Medical University. Students engage in studies of hypertension, and cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, focusing on the contribution of aldosterone, angiotensin II and renal Na+ regulation to cardiovascular and renal disease, diabetes and obesity. Undergraduate and graduate students participate in a unique, intensive 10-12 week research experience, hosted by Dr. Akira Nishiyama, chair of the Department of Pharmacology.

Examples of past UCSC-MHIRT Japan projects:

  • Effects of the renin-angiotensin system on glucose intolerance in pre-diabetic rats on a high glucose diet.
  • The role of epithelial Na+ channel α subunit cleavage in the regulation of urinary Na+ excretion during insulin resistance.
  • Blockade by angiotensin receptor on hepatic triglyceride content and retroperitoneal fat deposition.